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Why do people gamble?

Many people are playing as a fun pastime but gambling can be a serious problem for many others.

Often, it can feel like the desire to play is totally out of control. Many people find themselves unable to understand why, despite the problems it creates in their daily lives, they continue to play.

You may be tempted to say’ for the money,’ maybe for that’ big win,’ but the whole truth is rare. When the gambler plays, they spend their winnings more often than not on gambling, and continue to play until they have none left. This can make them feel stuck, as no way out of the loop is possible.

Gambling problems can often reflect issues in someone else’s life. Perhaps at some occasions they prefer to gamble, or when they begin to feel a certain way–as a way of escaping from something else they are not yet ready to deal with. Gambling may have also been a part of someone’s life since they were young, and can make them feel better for a short while.

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